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Thank you for your interest in ForecastOS! We invite you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our mission and a few of our brand guidelines. We've packaged together some of our assets to assist you in capturing the essense of ForecastOS in your coverage. For all other general press inquiries, please reach out to

Our mission: help investors thrive

ForecastOS was built by institutional quant investors that know how hard it is to manage costs, raise capital, and deliver alpha.

We've built open-source and paid tools to help you build, understand, contribute to, and manage an institutional-grade systematic investment strategy.

On GitHub for our portfolio management and backtesting software, InvestOS
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When written, ForecastOS is a single word. Forecast starts with an uppercase letter and OS is all uppercase letters. It should always be written as ForecastOS, never as Forecast OS or Forecastos.

forecast OS

Our Logo

Below are direct links to download the ForecastOS logos. Each logo is 1024 x 1024. They are available in two colors: indigo and black. For indigo, the HTML color code is #9089FC and black is #000000.


Below are direct downloads for screenshots of the ForecastOS platform. As we release new features, screenshots for those will be available.

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