Surprise your clients with more alpha.

ForecastOS helps active institutional investors understand, backtest, deploy, improve, grow, and manage their investment strategies. Because your clients deserve more than the benchmark.

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Everything you need to beat the market.

ForecastOS is an operating system for generating alpha.

Create and optimize holdings from forecasts; analyze how your strategy would have performed historically.

Our mission: help investors thrive

ForecastOS was built by institutional quant investors that know how hard it is to manage costs, raise capital, and deliver alpha.

So we've built open-source and paid tools to help investors understand, contribute to, and manage an institutional-grade active investment strategy.

On GitHub for our portfolio management and backtesting software, InvestOS
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Integrates with InvestOS

Build and backtest optimized portfolios with InvestOS, our institutional-grade open-source software. Save your results to ForecastOS.
1 import investos as inv
3 strategy = inv.portfolio.strategy.SPO(
4   actual_returns = actual_returns,
5   forecast_returns = forecast_returns
6 )
8 backtest_result = inv.portfolio.BacktestController(
9   strategy = strategy,
10  aum = 500_000_000
14  description = "Save backtest to ForecastOS"

Collaborate and improve returns.

Finding new sources of alpha requires high-quality insights, ideas, and contributions. ForecastOS lets you collaborate with anyone, regardless of their technical accumen, and manage their access as you see fit.


Monitor your performance.

Add customizable charts and metadata to your records.


Communicate in real time.

Upload files and images, tag collaborators, and share your insights with others.

User access control

Protect your secret sauce.

Control who can read, write, update, and delete each record.

Our promise to fellow investors:

No vendor lock-in
We put software essential to running your investment strategy into our (free) open-source PyPi module. Your strategy isn't stuck with us.
No haggling
We charge the same price per-user and per-tool for our platform. Everyone gets the same great deal.
No annual commitments
We don't force annual contracts on our users; good products shouldn't need to. You can cancel anytime.
No stupid questions
We provide full support to all of our clients, no matter their size or sophistication.

Become a better investor

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