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The ForecastOS Super Six: What We Believe

The ForecastOS Super Six are the 6 core beliefs that drive much of our product development efforts. Our core beliefs, in no specific order, are: 1. Institutional investors are unwilling to have platform lock-in. They want to own their IP.


Releasing InvestOS v0.3

Over the last few weeks, a few professional investors have become interested in our opinionated framework for constructing and backtesting portfolios: InvestOS. We've helped them get started, and in doing so, found and fixed a couple design flaws. The result is InvestOS v0.3. A de-coupled and improved framework. This work also yielded 13 friendly guides for using InvestOS, covering

Solutions for each step of your investment process

Datasetssignal / feature engineeringAI-driven forecastingportfolio engineering / backtestingalpha

Our Solutions


Third-party features for financial forecasts. No feature engineering required!

+1300 alpha factors; in private beta


Out-of-the-box systematic / quantitative investment strategy.

~2x simulated Sharpe; in private beta


Helping third-party data providers price data based on value added to quantitative investment strategies.

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Visualize, manage, understand, and analyze systematic investment processes. See your datasets, features, forecasts, backtests, and associated performance attribution in a friendly UI with enterprise-grade access management.

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Custom solutions and consulting.

InvestOS (Open-Source)

Open-source portfolio engineering / optimization, backtesting, performance attribution, and reporting software.

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